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A scarf is a cult accessory that has accompanied women for years. Although trends and the way of understanding fashion are changing, it is still a determinant of chic. Many famous women, who are still considered global style icons, fell in love with scarves.

Unique, like Audrey Hepburn

Audrey Hepburn undoubtedly knew that a well-chosen scarf can change the character of any, even modest, outfit, long before she became a star of the big screen. As a young girl, she survived the German occupation of the Netherlands, the bloody Battle of Arnhem and the “Hunger Winter”. After the end of the war, she came to London to earn a living for herself and her family. Nickolas Dana, the principal dancer of the company with which she performed in the West End, said of her: “She had one skirt, one blouse, one pair of shoes and a beret, but fourteen scarves. And every week she could do something different with it until you couldn’t believe it.”i. Later, when she became a world-famous actress, she repeatedly presented outfits finished with a scarf. She appeared in it, for example, in the cult “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”. A contrasting silk ornament of a black hat with a large brim was an extremely tasteful finishing touch to a classic, elegant styling. On the other hand, in “Roman Holidays” reigned supreme, giving her a delicate, girlish look a rooke tied around her neck. Her style was admired and copied by women all over the world.

Elegant, like the first lady

A scarf worn over the head and tied under the chin combined with large sunglasses also gave a bit of privacy. The former first lady of the United States, Jackie Kennedy, knew this. It’s safe to say that scarves, next to luxurious handbags and sunglasses, were among her favorite accessories. She usually paired them with elegant jackets and trench coats. In doing so, she created her own timeless style that made her recognizable in the fashion world. Jackie Kennedy most often chose single-colored, silk scarves, perfectly matched to the styling.

Another famous woman, Jane Fonda, opted for more expressive patterns, such as polka dots. They emphasized her temperament and strong personality. Her love for scarves, which began in her youth, lasts a lifetime. To this day, she can be seen in outfits with a silk scarf in the lead role.

Delicate, like a princess

Scarves were also loved by Grace Kelly – Princess of Monaco, actress, Oscar winner for her role in “Country Girl” and a woman of flawless beauty. Her extraordinary strengths were modesty and simplicity combined with an excellent sense of style. Grace Kelly’s creations have been an inspiration for the biggest fashion houses for years. Nina Gracia, an American fashion journalist and editor-in-chief of Elle magazine, once said that: “Every woman should watch “The Thief in the Hotel” at least once in her life and to know how to dress, while the French filmmaker Frédéric Mitterrand said: “Princess Grace bequeathed us an image of impeccable elegance.” Her trademarks included a trapezoidal leather handbag (to this day, this Hermes model is named Kelly in her honor), a simple white shirt, flat-heeled loafers, and a scarf worn on the head and tied at the neck.

Feminine, like Bardot

Bridget Bardot, on the other hand, liked to use silk scarves as hair decorations. Lush, blonde curls were one of her trademarks, so it’s no surprise that she tried to show them off. A long scarf in the form of a band tied around the neck, stylized into a large bow or finely woven into a bun characterize its style. Bardot had her favourite trends, which certainly include flared dresses, corsets emphasizing the narrow waist and A-line skirts. She willingly appeared in rooks tied around her neck and headscarves, classic or more extravagant bets, e.g. under a hat.

Scarves are a universal and timeless accessory, chosen by famous and admired women for decades. They were worn by Sophia Loren, Twiggy or Jane Birkin in various combinations – on the head, around the neck, woven into the hair or tied at the wrist. The British Queen Elizabeth II has also been a fan of silk scarves for years.

i the movie from 1955, starring Grace Kelly

i Robert Matzen “Audrey Hepburn. Resistance Dancer

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Silk is a beautiful and elegant, yet very delicate material. How to handle silk garments so as not to damage them? We advise.


In terms of care, silk is quite demanding. It doesn’t like the rush, lack of attention, and drastic measures. Therefore, it is not suitable for washing in a washing machine, spinning, or drying in a tumble dryer. Doing so would quickly lead to a loss of color and shape, and even the density of the material.

How to wash silk

A gentle hand wash is the best option. You can use a small bowl filled with lukewarm water. Temperature is very important – too warm could discolor the material. You should avoid invasive detergents, such as intensive washing powders or bleaches, by replacing them with a special silk washing liquid. If we do not have such a product, we can also use mild liquid soap or hair shampoo, preferably hypoallergenic. These cosmetics have a very delicate composition that will not damage the structure of the silk fabric or cause discoloration. When washing, it is absolutely forbidden to rub or squeeze the material! This operation should be done only by periodically dipping silk in water with a cleaning agent until the dirt disappears. However, this time should not be too long – ideally, it should not exceed a few minutes. Wet silk becomes much more delicate and susceptible to, for example, deformation. After washing, the fabric is best rinsed in cool water. You can add a little white vinegar to it to help remove any residual cleaner.

People who do not have the time or experience and are afraid that they will damage the material when cleaning on their own can have their silk garments dry cleaned. We also recommend this solution in the case of heavy soiling of the fabric. Specially selected technology will certainly remove stains more effectively than domestic hand washing, without exposing the material to damage.


Earlier we wrote that a tumble dryer is not suitable for silk care. The situation is the same with a hot radiator or a clothes dryer placed in bright sunlight. The situation is the same with a hot radiator or a clothes dryer placed in bright sunlight. High temperatures and intense sunlight could fade the material. Silk also cannot be twisted as this would lead to stretching and distortion. It is best to put the wet fabric on a towel and gently drain it, then dry it flat or hang it carefully on a hanger.


Can you iron a silk scarf? Yes, but you need to do it gently. Preferably on the left side and through a thin layer of cotton – it can be gauze or a clean cloth. It is necessary to check the settings of the iron – we can choose the mode called “silk”, and if our iron does not have such a marking, set it to a maximum of 150 degrees. The fabric should be slightly damp during ironing.

Daily silk care

If our silk treasures are already clean, we would be happy to put them back on. However, let’s not forget about everyday activities that will make the fabric retain its flawless appearance for longer and will look fantastic. It is worth remembering one thing in particular – perfumes, like silk, are a unique, feminine attribute, but they should be applied directly to the skin, not to the fabric that could damage it. It is also worth paying attention to the method of storage – silk scarves and other outfits and accessories are best placed on a hanger or carefully folded so that no bends or creases appear on them.


We recommend storing silk in a closet, dressing room, or another shaded area, as prolonged exposure to sunlight may cause the color to fade. We propose to store our products in their original packaging.

silk storage